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QOTD - Mirror of Shadows
September 18th, 2012
02:09 pm
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What upsets me is the emphasis that even the critics are putting on who pays taxes. I've seen a lot of people making arguments about how the working poor pay payroll taxes and sales taxes but this is beside the point. The implication is that there is a point at which you are too poor to matter, at some point you are not able to contribute to the economy and it's all your own damn fault and "we" owe "you" nothing. Equally I see a lot of rhetoric regarding how willing to work people are, meaning that, what? If you aren't willing to work you should just go die in a hole? I don't care how lazy, selfish or even downright mean someone is, they still deserve food in their belly and a roof over their heads. There is no heirarchy of who deserves food and shelter. We all deserve it because we are alive and we are human and it is incumbent upon all of us care for one another.

~Kristin Craig Lai on Shakesville

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