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Mirror of Shadows

bright glints through a dark glass

Sana Karine
25 September
I am a mixed-race, disabled, queer woman and an unapologetic feminist -- and I’m not known for keeping my opinions to myself overmuch. I am a social worker who primarily works in research, focusing in human gender, sexuality, and relationships. For the last several years I’ve been working in the sub-area of non-binary identities, including gender and orientation identity development, counseling resources and needs, and social worker education.

I have done "pagan" pastoral and trauma support for around 15 years, and safer sex and sexuality education for minority genders and orientations for a bit longer than that. My long-term plans are to earn my clinical license specializing in work with sexual and gender minorities, to continue my research, and eventually to complete my doctorate so I can teach CSWE accredited courses and CSU-eligible workshops.

Everyone is welcome to read open posts here, and anyone is welcome to friend this account. Some of my posts (including some research-related posts) are access-list locked, and if you’d like to read those as well, drop me a message with who you are and why you’re interested. I seldom automatically friend anyone I don’t already know from another venue unless I get a message, so know you’re welcome to message about access, about anything you read here, or about nifty social science research related to human sexuality, gender, orientation, or social services. I don’t check messages every day, but I do try to get back to everyone as I can.
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